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How to prevent a dispute?

If the best way to extinguish a fire is to prevent it, the best way to succeed in a Din Torah is to refrain from getting into a monetary dispute.  In order to be able to do that – it is necessary to (more…)


Preparing for Din Torah scenarios

How can you prepare for a Din Torah scenario? How does one pre-plan resolving a dispute that didn’t happen yet? (more…)


What does Din Torah have to do with me? Why is acquiring basic knowledge about Din Torah so important?

Although, I’ve been dreaming – for a pretty long time now – about giving a lecture which will guide people through the Din Torah process, I kept asking myself again and again:

How many people – if any at all – actually go to Din Torah? (more…)


Why did the civil court force people to adjudicate their case in Din Torah? A true story

Unfortunately life has taught me that when it comes to money, even people who wear the largest kippa will sometimes betray their very own faith in order to save a few shekels.

As R’ Zalman Nechemya Goldberg zt”l used to say (more…)

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