Preparing for Din Torah scenarios – Din Torah Intro series #2

How can you prepare for a Din Torah scenario? How does one pre-plan resolving a dispute that didn’t happen yet?

Well, even if everything is perfectly ok, there are two important things to do in order to preempt a potential dispute:


Although, I’ve been dreaming – for a pretty long time now – about giving a lecture which will guide people through the Din Torah process, I kept asking myself again and again: Who would be interested in it? How many people – if any at all – actually go to Din Torah? People will ask: “What does this have to do with me?”

Obviously, these are all legitimate and valid questions.


When I get a call asking me to represent people in a Din Torah, I never accept any case – as large as it may be – before I meet the clients for a preliminary initial meeting, in which I will hear their story in full and answer 4 important questions which will determine if filing a claim in Bet Din is actually the best and wisest move for them: (more…)

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